WDK MOTORSPORTS, Historic F1 champion preparation company, expands into Japan and appoints UKJP Limited as sales agent

April 10 2018

WDK Motorsport Limited, the FIA title-winning historic motorsport business noted for its work with 3 litre Formula One cars of the 1970s and 1980s, based in Stockbridge Hampshire, has appointed UKJP Limited as its agent for Japan.

UKJP Limited, a representation and engineering business consultancy company for UK automotive and motorsport businesses working in Japan, was founded in 2017 by Hiro Toyoda, the former managing director of Honda Racing’s associate company in UK. Hiro has enjoyed a long and distinguished career working in the UK motor racing industry for 25 years, including working for several automotive manufacturers in Formula One, Le Mans 24hrs, World Rally Car projects and in the establishment of the current Honda F1 base in the UK. This expertise is now available to a range of clients looking to sell into Japan.

Hiro Toyoda

Hiro Toyoda


Christopher Tate, the Executive Chairman of WDK Motorsport Limited, said: “WDK have already raced several of our clients’ historic F1 cars in Japan, and are well aware of the fast-rising interest there in historic motorsports. So we had been looking for a way into the Japanese market, which Hiro provides”.

“Having personally known Hiro Toyoda in his long career in international motorsport, it is my great pleasure to welcome him to WDK and the world of historic racing. We have exciting plans for Japan, and the ability to use our workforce’s world-wide reputation for quality engineering, to expand into an exciting new market.”

McLaren M29

WDK’s McLaren M29 restoration, March 2018


Hiro Toyoda said: “Since establishing UKJP last year, we have been talking to WDK, and in view of the increasing levels of interest in Japan in not just collecting classic cars, but also in racing classic and historic cars, I am sure that this is an excellent moment to launch this new service.

“For example, I was delighted to discover that last year, WDK rebuilt and now maintain, the unique Japanese 1970s F 1 car, the Maki 101-DFV, (see photo) a car which in many ways, led the growth of F1 interest in Japan back in the 1970s.

We will not only be working exclusively with WDK in the historic market but will also be representing some other well-known and expert names from UK motorsport as 2018 develops. We are excited to have the opportunity to take part in the expansion of classic racing in Japan.”

Maki F101

WDK’s 2017 restoration of Maki F101.


Further Information/Contacts

Hiro Toyoda – ukjplimited@gmail.com

Ian Cox, Managing Director / Christopher Tate, Chairman, WDK 01264 811119

W wdkmotorsport.com

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